Betting advice

Betting Articles: Please find below a selection of articles on Betting and Gambling. Some offer advice whilst others are just of interest. We have tried to group them into like minded articles where possible.

Professional Gamblers

Alan Woods
Alex Bird
Barney Curley
Zeljko Ranogajec
Clive Holt
Freddie Williams
Jack Ramsden
Sidney Harris
JP McManus
Paul Cooper
Phil Bull

Football Betting
African Nations Cup Betting
FA Cup Betting Fallacies
Copa America Betting
World Cup Betting
Value Betting in Football
Football Odds Explained
Scottish Football Matches
Scottish Premier League
European Championship Betting
European Football Betting
European Football 2
European Football Information
Football Corruption
How Many Goals Will Be Scored
Football League Betting 1
Football League Match Betting
Using Past Performance Data in Football
Betting Using Past Performance Data 2
Non League Football Betting
Non League Football Match Betting
FA Trophy Football Betting
Football Spread Betting
Soccer Bets Explained

Great Racehorses
Brigadier Gerard
Red Rum
Seattle Slew
Northern Dancer
Mill Reef

Great Horseraces
Cheltenham Gold Cup
The Oaks
Epsom Derby
St Leger
Grand National Aintree
Grand National Trends to Pick the winner

Betting Coups
Betting Coups 1
Betting Coups 2
Betting Coups 3
Hole In One Gang

Boxing Betting
Boxing Betting
Boxing Information
Boxing Odds
Boxing Styles

Cricket Betting
County Cricket Betting
A guide to betting on Cricket
Cricket Corruption
Cricket Spread Betting
Domestic One Day Cricket Betting
English Cricket Grounds
One Day International Cricket Betting

Golf Betting
Golf Betting
Golf Betting Tools
The Golf Majors
Golf Spread Betting
Golf Threeballs, Twoballs & Groups
Golf Websites
Successful Golf Betting
Team Golf & Matchplay

Betting Exchanges
Betting Exchange Advice
Betting Exchange Corruption
Betting Exchanges 1
History of Betting Exchanges
Laying using Betting Exchanges
Types Of BetFair Users

General Sports Betting
Athletics Betting
Bowls Betting 1
Crown Green Bowls Betting 2
World Rally Betting
Betting On The World Rally Championship
World Rally Drivers & Teams
Speedway Betting
Speedway Grand Prix Season

Formula 1
Grand Prix Circuits
Formula One Betting 1
Formula One Betting 2
Formula One Betting 3

Betting on Cycling
Betting on Cycling
Cycling Betting 2
Cycling Betting 3
Tour de France Stage Betting

General Betting Advice
Betting Advice
Profitable Betting Basics
Betting Discipline
Betting Fallacy 1
Betting Fallacy 2
Betting Fallacy 4 & 5
Betting Golden Rules
Golden Rules of Betting 2
Golden Betting Rules 3
Types Of Bet 1
Types Of Bet 2
Types Of Bet 3
The Concept of Value in Betting
Page 2 of the Concept of Value in Betting
Betting Disputes 1
Betting Disputes 2

Darts Betting
Darts Betting 1
Darts Betting 2
Darts Betting 3
Betting Without Phil Taylor

NFL Betting
NFL Betting
Other NFL Markets
NFL Handicap Betting
NFL Information Sources
NFL Total Points Line

Advice from Odds Compilers
Odds Compilers 1
Odds Compilers 2
Odds Compilers 3
Odds Compilers 4
Odds Compilers 5

Snooker Betting

Snooker Betting
Feeling The Pressure in Snooker
Snooker Information Sources
Snooker Match & Tournament Betting

Rugby Betting
Rugby Bets
Rugby League Betting 1
Rugby League Handicap Betting
Super League Grand Final Betting
Australian Rugby League Betting
Rugby League Spread Betting
Rugby Spread Betting
Rugby Union Betting
International Rugby Union Betting 2
Rugby Union Betting 3

Tennis Betting
Tennis Betting
Tennis Match Betting
Tennis Outright Markets
Tennis Spread Betting

Cheats and Scams
Betting Scams
Gambling Cheats
Big Brother Betting
Sports Corruption

Spread Betting
Spread Betting Explained
Spread Betting Psychology
Spread Betting Terminology

Miscellanous Articles
Mick the Miller
Horseracing Pace Analysis
Reality TV Betting
The Tote Explained