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Boxing Information

Your quest for a more intimate knowledge of the boxing world should start with a subscription to Boxing News, a weekly (hitting the streets every Friday) publication packed with reports, previews, news from the big dates coming up and plenty more.

In any sport, when it comes to punting the last thing you should do is consult someone who idolises the subject in question and while Boxing News is aimed obviously at fight fans, the great thing about their writers is that they refuse to be drawn in by the hype.

Ask boxing promoter/manager Frank Warren who is going to win, his fighter or his opponent, and he will back his own man to the hilt whatever odds and logic might say. That's his job.

The job of Boxing News fight previewers is to give a balanced view. As experts they are able to convey to you something that an untrained eye may have missed and, just as importantly, they have more access to information about boxers than you could hope to amass on your own.

What you must remember, though, is that their fight previews are written without the consideration of the odds. Follow them blind and you will invariably back the favourite and lose in the long run.

Just like reading a Spotlight for a horserace in the Racing Post is one way of assessing the merits of a potential bet, a Boxing News preview - or any preview of any sport you care to read - is just one part of the key to unravelling the puzzle.

When it comes to punting there are very few people it pays to follow blind, so being led by a publication that has no interest in betting would be financial suicide.

But the advantages of Boxing News don't end there, as the reports can provide gems of info such as a fighter's susceptibility to a certain type of punch, or a particularly good weapon likely to prove effective against a subsequent opponent. Keep records, either by storing all back copies, or by building your own files.

A lot of the information you require can easily be found on the internet. Just enter the word boxing on any internet search engine and you will be directed to a vast array of websites. It's a case of trial and error to see which ones serve you best, but the following is a short list that should prove very useful. - in-depth reports from all the big fights, links to news from all over the world, upcoming fight schedules, plus the latest rankings from the four most recognised (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO) organisations along with's own ratings on the same page.

If nothing else the rankings page at gives you an idea of what a sad state boxing is in. At the time of writing 30 different names featured among the four big organisations' top-15 rated super-middleweights. They each ignored the other bodies' champions and none could come up with an even remotely similar top five. is a long way from a dedicated boxing site, but worth a look all the same. Boxing columnist Dean Juipe can be amusing and clearly knows his way around the odds. has all the news you can get from any other site, but also features a link to the latest odds in Las Vegas, has an interview archive and some excellent columns in the Time Tunnel section. is well worth a look given that the large majority of fight betting in Britain features British boxers. Plenty of fighters' records, rankings, news and views can be found here. is a favourite of Chandler's Stojanovic, who says: "This is the best site for stats on American boxing. There are some terrific previews and the statistical breakdown does a lot of the work for you."