Betting on the Stages of the Tour de France

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It is worth remembering that the best Tour de France pointers are not the Tours of Italy or Spain, but previous Tours de France and the Dauphine Libere, a stage race which many of the main Tour contenders ride in.

When spread firms operate limited-runner indices for intermediate stages that comprise the likeliest breakaway merchants, check out where these guys usually finish in stages when the field crosses the line en masse.

Tour de france yellow jersey Some will happily end up at the back of the bunch while others push for the best possible placing. In the 2004 Tour, it paid to buy one such rider, Laurent Brochard, in the hope that there would not be a breakaway and he would win the index as none of his rivals on the lists were remotely bothered whether they were 15th or 150th.

Although certain mountain stages begin as early as 9am UK time, bookmakers will generally carry on betting until the riders come to the first big climb of the day.

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