Best Golf Websites

Golf Websites

The big websites for golf are for the American scene and Both sites have multiple dropdowns where you can find out the fields, tee-times, course description, player-form, tour calendars, prize money, plus all the tour stats (driving distance, accuracy, greens-in-regulation, putting) for the current year - in fact, pretty well all the nitty-gritty you need to get the 'feel' of an event before working out your selections.

Both sites have in-running scoreboards for every tournament and the American even has a newish toy, Tourcast, where you see live graphics of where every shot your player has hit has finished up.

There are no pictures on scorecards, so the saying goes, but it does help the punter know what sort of form that player is in when he can see whether his man is making his score out of the deep rough thanks to a hot putter or achieving it the more conventional fairways-and-greens way. It is also a valuable tool for punters betting in-running on a tournament.

Many is the time that a player's price shortens without TV viewers knowing why. The answer, invariably, is that Tourcast has revealed that the player in question has just hit his approach to within two feet while television viewers are watching an ad break. These two sites also cover the other tours within its remit - in the States, the Champions Tour and the Nationwide Tour, the latter always interesting for spotting up-and-coming young talent before it hits the main tour; in Europe, the Challenge Tour, which serves the same purpose as the Nation-wide, to give gainful employment to journeymen golfers who have fallen by the wayside and lost their main-tour cards and youngsters on their way up through the ranks.

For a good fallback, try, run by leading US magazine Golf, which often beats the official website on tee-times, a big plus for those who like to prepare early so they can be first up when Betfair open their three-ball markets.

The other sites you will want at one time or another are and its European equivalent

When it's all quiet in Europe and the States, a period that grows ever shorter as the calendar of events gets bigger, you will need to get to know for the South African circuit, for those big-money invitational events in Japan, for the Australasian Tour, and for all the background on those weird and wonderful Orientals like Kim Yong-Duck, Boonchu Ruangkit and Thaworn Wiratchant that pop up every time the European Tour holds tournaments in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Well worth perusing, because some of these are the KJ Chois of the future. There are links to all these sites at

There are also individual sites for the four Majors, WGC events ( and the tournament with the world's biggest first prize, Sun City Challenge (