Grand Prix Circuits

Grand Prix Circuits

Lap Length: 5.412KM
Lap Record: 1.20.252 M Schumacher 2004
Sakhir Circuit Characteristics: Technical with a real mix of corners and more undulations than you might think. Seting up the cars is tricky there as there is also the long home straight (almost a mile) to consider, where engine power and low downforce are a big help for overtaking. Drivers have to cope with extreme heat in the cockpit and the desert winds can have a major effect on the cars handling. There are 15 turns in all, six left-handers and nine right-handers.

Lap Length: 5.543 KM
Lap Record: 1.34.223 JP Montoya 2004
Sepang, Kaula Lumpur: A challenging circuit with several fast corners and two long straights, which give overtaking opportunities. The wide track has an abrasive surface and the weather is usually extremely humid with storms frequent.

Lap Length: 4.655 KM
Lap Record: 1.22.680 F Massa 2007
Circuit De Catalunya Barcelona Characteristics: A well balanced car that works well aerodynamically in fast corners is essential. To put it mildly overtaking opportunities are not plentiful, with the best chance of moving up coming from running lower downforce to enable passing at the end of the long home straight. However the fact that the last eight winners of the Spanish Grand Prix have started from Pole Position probably says it all.

Lap Length: 5.615 KM
Lap Record: 1.39.605 S Vettel 2011
Korea International Circuit Characteristics: An unusual track in that the lap begins with three straights followed by a lengthy sequence of corners for the rest of the circuit. Concrete walls line the track. It is a good all round challenge for drivers. Getting the best out of the car is not easy because it is such a difficult track. That's why good cars go better there, so don't expect any shock results.

Lap Length: 2.075 Miles
Lap Record: 1.14.439 M Schumacher 2004
Circuit De Monaco, Monte Carlo Characteristics: The only street circuit left in Formula 1, overtaking is virtually impossible. Top-end speed is much less important than grip and acceleration away from the slow corners, but a powerful engine helps up the steep inclines in the early part of the lap.. Driver ability can make a real difference at this track, which suits former Karting stars Jarno Trulli, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Lap Length: 2.709 Miles
Lap Record: 1.13.622 R Barrichello 2004
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal Canada Characteristics: Engine Power is vitalfor a series of long, high-speed straights interrupted by chicanes and connected by a number of slow speed corners. Brake-wear is extremely high.

Lap Length: 5.338 KM
Lap Record: 1.24.770 JP Montaya 2005
Istanbul Speed Park Characteristics: Still relatively new, Istanbul Speed Park is a rare left-hand circuit which challanges drivers with its wide range of corners, undulations and a number of turns with blind exits