NFL Stats

NFL Information Sources

Basic information required for American football betting can be found on the league website, where you'll find live play-by-play scores, player profiles and major news, plus links to all the individual team websites. Live internet match commentaries are available for a reasonable subscription. The weekly magazine First Down caters well for UK fans of the sport and offers insights from weekly columnists and match previews.

British bettors with digital TV access are also well advised not only to watch the excellent coverage of both Sky Sports and five, but to subscribe to NASN, which screens the major NFL preview shows, a source of valuable tactical analysis and news.

But to really get inside the game, keeping tabs on the major US sports portals for up-to-date news, analysis and opinion is advised. Here are some of the best:

For detailed betting statistics, sites such as provide details of teams' records against the spread and discuss matches from a betting perspective.

Other useful sites include, which has details of all past match results, league tables and play-offs, while, an offshoot of a premium betting site, provides links to the local newspapers of all 32 NFL teams. Fans of in-depth statistical analysis and intellectual comments should look no further than